As of this fall, Yoga East and its teachers have been established in the Seacoast community for over 15 years. A lot has changed over the years but our deep love for yoga has only deepened! One of my favorite yoga sutras by Patanjali reminds us that practice becomes firmly grounded when it has been practiced for a long time, without interruption and with sincere devotion. The classes at Yoga East are infused with a deep respect for the individual's growth, the healing tradition of yoga and the student-teacher relationship.


We offer all levels of classes to make practice accessible to everyone. Whatever class you choose, remember that yoga is about being in the present moment and befriending who you already are.


To get started, choose from one of our many Beginners Classes. If you are looking for something tailored to an aging body, try our Wise Warriors series. For a gentle class, restore with Yin Yoga. Or, sit with the stillness of your body and free your mind with Meditation.


We look forward to helping you to begin, start again, or try something new to meet your changing body and changing life.





Yoga East was blessed to host Bhavani Maki, a woman who exemplifies the Sutra III:34, Pratibhat va sarvam. A must-read: The Yogi's Roadmap (by Bhavani Maki)

Thank you, Bhavani and yogis! Thank you for coming together and bringing forth and sharing your love for the yogic tradition this weekend.